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Cotswold Roofing Specialists

At Sunnyside Tiles, we specialise in bringing you the finest range of roofing tiles. Our portfolio consists of the conservation Cotswold 2000 imitation stone slate, the Sunnyside Standard Tiles as well as our Ridge Tiles which compliment our complete collection.

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Technical Specification Information


We have independent tests carried out by Cranfield University Shrivenham; and results confirm that durability and strength exceed specifications laid down by British Standards covering concrete roof slates.
To BS EN 491


90-115 kgs per square metre depending on sizes used.


Free estimates will be prepared from drawings or site visits.

Batten Gauges

Batten spacing will diminish up to pitch of the roof; so an accurate rafter length will be taken on site and a batten chart provided on request.

Recommended Underlay

We would recommend you refer to your local building regulations office.


The Cotswold 2000 Slate is suitable for use as a weather resistant and decorative covering to conventional timber roofs of over 40 degrees.


Sufficient ventilation must be provided to avoid roof space condensation. Advice can be obtained from your local building control office.


Over the years we have found pallets to be very troublesome for many reasons, we therefor deliver and stack the slates on site; in height sizes, enabling quick and easy access for the roofer.


Given so many varying sizes of slates, it is inevitable that a selection of spare sizes will be required, we therefore supply slightly more to allow for slight variations. Once the roof is complete we will organise the collection of any left over slates.

SunnySide Tiles installation of Cotswold Tiles

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